Invite family, friends and colleagues to remember your loved ones

with a personalised Farewell page

"The song is ended but the memory lingers on" Irvin Berlin

Let the memory of your loved one live on


Farewell page is a page created to honour a loved one who is no longer with us.  

The page allows families to share important information about the viewing, memorial service, funeral arrangements and create a digital obituary.  

The farewell messages allow friends to send messages and the family can have a digital guest book.

The passing of a loved one is never easy, informing colleagues, friends and relatives is not an easy task, you now can let the farewell page handle the communication allowing the family to grieve and focus on the arrangements.

How it Works

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  1. Purchase the Package
  2. Once verified, the Farewell page is Activated.
  3. Submit All the Required information
  4. A notification link is shared with you
  5. Once published, you can share the Farewell page with friends and family via social media platforms and email

Register and Comment and on the Farewell Page:

Farewell Messages

  • Once someone receives the link, they can write their Farewell message, post a picture and share a video with their message.
  • All messages are approved by the page owner before being published.


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  • 1 Farewell page Profile


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  • 20 Farewell pages
  • 20 Live streaming sessions
  • Free market -place listing
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